Current Openings

Title: Senior Director of Operations
Location: Remote: Northeast preferred
Position: Full-time
Compensation: Commensurate with experience, please include salary requirements in a cover letter

The Center for Learner Equity (The Center for Learner Equity) is a nonprofit organization established in 2013 by a coalition of national experts on special education and public-school choice. The coalition became a catalyst for a coordinated effort to address the challenges inherent in educating students with disabilities in charter schools. Since its founding, The Center for Learner Equity has undergone rapid growth, which has included expanding our work scope to more explicitly include all public schools in districts with school choice. As we expand our work, we are also growing our staff.

The Center for Learner Equity is seeking strategic, process-minded, mission-focused candidates for the Senior Director of Operations (SDO) position. Successful candidates are collaborative and focused on operationalizing strategy. The ideal candidate will have the skills, sensitivity, personality, and experience to continue building The Center for Learner Equity’s culture of openness, inclusivity, effectiveness, and innovation.

The Center for Learner Equity’s vision is that students with disabilities will have the same opportunities for success as their peers. We are committed to ensuring that students with disabilities, particularly those in under-resourced communities, have the quality educational opportunities and choices they need to thrive and learn. We accomplish this through research, advocacy, coalition formation, and capacity building with national, state, and local partners. We value challenging the status quo and fostering meaningful impact; embracing diversity, recognizing varied perspectives makes us a stronger community; authentic collaboration and commitment to strong partnerships to further our mission; and meaningful interactions that embody a growth mindset.

We strive to foster meaningful impact for children in populations that have been historically marginalized, underserved, and untapped. The Center for Learner Equity aims to serve as the “backbone” in a coordinated effort to improve the educational opportunities and systems central to boosting outcomes for students with disabilities. This work is fundamental to who we are; for us this is not just a job. We approach our work tenaciously with a mission-driven lens to empower equitable, accessible, and inclusive environments that highlight the strengths and celebrate all individuals’ differences.

The Position

Under the Executive Director’s supervision, the Senior Director of Operations role is an outstanding opportunity for a dynamic and visionary leader with operational experience to drive mission-driven strategy and systems. The Senior Director of Operations is tasked with implementing daily operations, aligning with the organizational vision and company strategies. The Center for Learner Equity is a growing and evolving organization. As a member of the Leadership Team, the SDO will help shape the organization’s future.

Specifically, the Senior Director of Operations will have four significant areas of focus:

1. Strategy, Vision, and Leadership. Engage as a servant leader to facilitate the work of The Center for Learner Equity and its deep commitment to improving outcomes for students with disabilities and drive meaningful change.
2. Operations Management. Manage a breadth of staff functions and day-to-day operations, requiring a strategic and tactical approach.
3. Financial Management and Compliance. Develop and implement more sophisticated policies and procedures both in the finance and compliance realms.
4. Human Resources/Team Development. Through a DEAI lens, provide support and guidance around organizational culture decisions through HR policies and practices.

Strategy, Vision, and Leadership:

The Senior Director of Operations is a thought leader and problem solver who approaches the mission of The Center for Learner Equity with humility and commitment. Taking pride in identifying solutions rather than problems, the Senior Director of Operations welcomes the opportunity to be continuously challenged to grow, learn, and improve in a fast-paced environment.

● Adopt process improvements by being a catalyst for initiatives and leveraging innovative opportunities.
● Provide staff with a strong and supportive day-to-day leadership presence.
● Participate in the implementation of the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
● Collaborate with the Executive Director in setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy, and hiring needs.
● Exhibit creative problem-solving skills, including negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Operations Management:

The Senior Director of Operations is collaborative and proactive. With a “roll up your sleeves” attitude, the Senior Director of Operations energetically embraces hard work with a willingness to take on tough challenges to foster organizational effectiveness.

● Oversee overall day-to-day management and business operations of the organization.
● Clarify and own the annual strategic planning cycle, including guiding progress review and reflection based on current year results and goal setting.
● Analyze internal operations and identify areas of process enhancement.
● Drive operational support through project management, workflow, and evaluation of existing systems.
● Ensure operational strategies and resources align with the organization’s priorities and implement a strategic vision for all operational activities.
● Translate strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth, implementing organization-wide goal setting, performance management, and annual operating planning.

Financial Management & Compliance:

The Senior Director of Operations will be responsible for developing The Center for Learner Equity’s financial management strategy and driving the budgeting process with input and approval from all necessary stakeholders.

● Ensure all finance procedures are adhered to organization-wide.
● Provide timely, accurate, and complete reports on the operating condition of The Center for Learner Equity.
● Lead with an analytical focus on resource allocation, fiscal management initiatives, and identifying growth strategies while sustaining a high standard of financial management and oversight.
● Oversee the process for creating multi-year financial forecasting and a participatory budgeting process, ensuring long-term financial stewardship.
● Run external audits, assess company metrics, and present relevant data.
● Implement and develop employment practices and policies ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements concerning labor, benefits, and human resource issues and required employee policies and training.
● Administer, prepare, and oversee benefits programs and vendor selections.

Human Resources/Team Development:

The Senior Director of Operations will be an effective team leader who addresses complex issues with tangible results. The SDO must be flexible and demonstrate the ability to look at both immediate and long-term issues and ideas with The Center for Learner Equity’s strategic plan and vision in mind and be a team builder who can cooperate with and lead group processes.

● Motivational team builder who will manage hiring processes, including onboarding.
● Operate with a DEAI lens – diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion
● Understanding of and commitment to social justice.
● A team leader who positively and productively impacts both strategic and tactical administration initiatives.
● A strong mentor and coach for a team with diverse expertise promotes a supportive and collaborative culture, assigns accountabilities; sets objectives; establishes priorities; and monitors and evaluates results.
● Lead the performance review process that inspires talented individuals and measures and evaluates progress against goals for the organization and each team member.


● Solid understanding of staff management, strategic operations, and fiscal management.
● Proven leadership ability with a growth mindset
● Excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
● Superior management and interpersonal skills
● Familiarity with nonprofit finance and accounting regulations
● Evidence of contract and project management, strategic planning, statistical aptitude, and program development
● Communicate ideas clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.
● Exemplary work ethic


● Bachelor’s degree in business administration or another relevant field
● Master’s degree in Business Administration or Public Administration preferred
● 5 years’ experience as a senior leader with a nonprofit organization

To Apply:
Please send a resume and cover letter to Mary Broadhurst, by 3/26/2021; the cover letter should include your salary requirements. Resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We've changed our name to broaden the conversation. The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools is now The Center for Learner Equity.Learn more here.