Jan 30

The Center’s Statement on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Center for Learner Equity is outraged about Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene’s assignment to the House Education and Labor Committee. The Committee leads our nation’s policy discourse in considering laws that impact the education of all our nation’s children, including children with disabilities, from pre-kindergarten through higher education. Given her known [and recorded] use of the term “retard”—which this very Committee took action to ban from federal law—combined with her false and extremely offensive comments regarding school shootings, her assignment to this Committee is an affront to our nation’s students and educators and would be detrimental to the very children the Committee strives to support and protect. We call upon Minority Leader McCarthy and Speaker Pelosi to ban Greene from any committee assignment. Our federal education laws have been designed by Congress, in a bipartisan manner, to be inclusive of all. Greene clearly cannot be trusted to uphold this most basic duty.