For too long, systemic ableism has left students with disabilities an afterthought. The Center for Learner Equity is working to ensure that public schools-both within the charter school sector and beyond it-are designed for inclusivity and equity from the start. When we improve access and outcomes for students with disabilities, all students benefit.


We are committed to catalyzing student success and eradicating the complex, pervasive, and systematic barriers that prevent students with disabilities from accessing quality educational opportunities and choices, robust support, and inclusive environments.


All students with disabilities are respected, learning, and thriving.


  • Authenticity in that… we strive to be true to our organizational beliefs, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure we may be under to do otherwise. Authenticity requires that our actions align with our values and ideals.
  • Boldness in that…we encourage ourselves and others to take risks, commit to high expectations, and show commitment to making positive change for students with disabilities.
  • Dignity in that… we believe in and protect the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, simply because they are.
  • Equity in that… we recognize each person has different circumstances and needs, meaning different groups of people need different resources and opportunities allocated to them to thrive.
  • Inclusivity in that… we create spaces intentionally designed with and for people at the margins so that all may feel they can thrive and belong.