For too long, systemic ableism has left students with disabilities an afterthought. The Center for Learner Equity is working to ensure that public schools-both within the charter school sector and beyond it-are designed for inclusivity and equity from the start. When we improve access and outcomes for students with disabilities, all students benefit.


We are committed to ensuring that students with disabilities, particularly those in under-resourced communities, have the quality educational opportunities and choices they need to thrive and learn. We accomplish this through research, advocacy, coalition formation, and capacity building with national, state, and local partners.


Students with disabilities will have the same opportunities for success as their peers. 


  • Challenge the Status Quo—We strive to foster meaningful impact, particularly for children in populations that have been historically marginalized, underserved, and untapped. We approach our work tenaciously with a mission-driven lens, both seeking and creating opportunities to change and improve the status quo through our work, and asking for accountability from our partners.
  • Embrace Diversity—We welcome and embrace diversity both internally and externally, recognizing that including varied perspectives makes us stronger as a community. We seek to empower equitable, accessible, and inclusive environments that highlight the strengths and celebrate the differences of all individuals.
  • Collaborate Authentically—We recognize strong partnerships and teamwork as essential to effectively furthering our mission and are committed to helping others succeed. We believe that we are strongest when we work together, listen to each other, and find common ground as we endeavor to meet our goals. We approach collaboration with humility, patience, respect, and compassion.
  • Make Every Interaction Count—We embody a growth mindset in our work and recognize learning as an ongoing process. We value initiative and embrace hard work with a willingness to take on tough challenges while maintaining high expectations of professionalism and excellence from all.
  • Commit to “Winning”—We are thought leaders and problem solvers; architects, not contractors. We take pride in identifying solutions rather than problems, seek to add value wherever possible, and adopt a resourceful approach to overcoming challenges. Winning to us is not about beating others, but about driving for a full outcome and a commitment to tangible positive results.