Network of Infrastructure and Collaborative Entities Initiative (NICE Initiative)

Strengthening and Elevating Impactful School Support Infrastructures

Provide expert advice to grow capacity

Accelerate knowledge sharing across regions

Create and disseminate resources and tools

The Center’s NICE Initiative provides targeted capacity development and fosters collaboration to ensure the strengthening and development of school support infrastructures. The ultimate goal is to provide support to entities that, in turn, provide the necessary services to schools to improve outcomes for all students with disabilities.

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  • Annual Symposium
  • Resource curation, creation, and dissemination
  • Virtual convenings
  • Professional learning community
  • Virtual support hours

The Need

To ensure students with disabilities are able to meaningfully access and thrive in charter schools, many regions have developed specialized support infrastructures to centralize technical assistance around special education. Existing infrastructures provide a range of services including professional development, leadership development, advocacy, onsite consultation and coaching, compliance support, summer boot camps for new special educators and leaders, grant allocation, resource development and curation, medicaid support, and more.

The Center is uniquely positioned to lead this work based on the expertise and experience of the current staff. We provide consultation and act as advisors for leaders and organizations. We also develop tools and resources to drive growth, quality and impact.


  • Los Angeles Unified School District, Charter Operated Programs
  • Collaborative Education Network
  • Collaborative for Exceptional Education
  • DC Special Education Collaborative
  • Diverse Learners Cooperative
  • El Dorado SELPA
  • Illinois Network of Charter Schools SPED Co-Op
  • Massachusetts Association of Public Charter Schools
  • The Collaborative for Inclusive Education
  • Puget Sound Educational Service District
  • Seneca Family of Agencies
  • Shasta County-Redding School for the Arts
  • Special Education Leader Fellowship
  • True Measure Collaborative