COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities

As the effects of the pandemic continue to unfold, we’re working to ensure that the rights of students with disabilities are protected. Follow this page as we continue to add news, resources, and guidance for educators, advocates, and parents.

Ensuring FAPE for Students with Disabilities During COVID-19

Created in partnership with the Diverse Learners Cooperative, this guide offers a decision-making model that aims to balance individual student needs within a virtual learning context as well as a range of exemplars showing how this model can be applied.

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Resources for Educators

The Center is a proud founding partner of the Educating All Learners Alliance.

Equity Coalition Statement on Discipline During COVID-19

CLE’s Equity Coalition urges all schools to turn away from disciplinary removals of students with disabilities, particularly in the context of COVID-19.

Principles of Equitable Schools in the Context of COVID-19

In June, the Center’s Equity Coalition published the Principles of Equitable Schools in the Context of COVID-19, a set of guidelines for educators working to put equity at the forefront of decision-making. This fall, we caught up with three schools that are working hard to embody these principles: Digital Pioneers Academy in Washington, D.C.; Animo Legacy Charter Middle School in Los Angeles, CA; and Audeo Charter School in San Diego, CA.

Chairs in a Classroom

COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities: FAQs for Schools

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COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities: FAQs for Authorizers

Our Latest on COVID-19


Recently, we launched the Accelerating Inclusion Institute for Camden, NJ educators. Funded by the Camden Education Fund, the institute comes on the heels of CEF’s $1.2 million grant program to develop new supports for students with disabilities. More ->

We've changed our name to broaden the conversation. The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools is now The Center for Learner Equity.Learn more here.