Equity Coalition

Building Bridges Connecting a Diverse Coalition of Stakeholders

Build Robust Relationships

Identify and Implement Relevant Policy Solutions

Inform the Center’s Work

Influence Practice

The Equity Coalition is one of the core programs of the Center and captures the essence of what we hold dear – bringing together stakeholders from different points of view to discuss how we can improve education and equity for students with disabilities. The Equity Coalition includes representatives from a diverse range of organizations with an interest in students with disabilities, special education programs, civil rights, charter schools, and education reform, and meets biannually to identify common ground, articulate priority goals related to students with disabilities in charter schools, examine policy challenges, and continue to build bridges to address specific issues. The Equity Coalition issues collective actions arising out of the issues discussed, including issuing the Principles of Equitable Schools to help families, policymakers, and other stakeholders make informed decisions around school choice.

The Center for Learner Equity gratefully acknowledges the participation of members of the following organizations in the work of the Equity Coalition:

  • The Advocacy Institute
  • Advocates for Justice and Education
  • ADS Education Inc
  • The ARC
  • Aspire Public Schools
  • Capitol Advocacy Partners
  • CAST, Inc.
  • Center for Reinventing Public Education
  • Changing Perspectives
  • Children’s Law Center, Washington, DC
  • Civil Rights Solutions
  • The Collaborative for Inclusive Education
  • Colorado Association of Charter School Authorizers
  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates
  • DC Association for Special Education
  • DC Public Charter School Board
  • Digital Pioneers Academy
  • Diverse Charter Schools Coalition
  • Education Forward DC
  • Eye to Eye
  • Green Dot Public Schools
  • Hebrew Public
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • National Association of State Directors of Special Education
  • National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  • National Association of Charter School Authorizers
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities
  • National Charter Schools Institute
  • Paramount School of Excellence
  • Relay Graduate School of Education
  • STRIDE Policy Solutions
  • Special Education Leader Fellowship (SELF)
  • Uncommon Schools