Feb 20

Black History Month 2023

During the month of February, CLE highlighted Black disability activists that are making a powerful impact on social media and beyond.  Check out these amazing individuals and organizations below!

The Black Disability Collective

The Black Disability Collective was created by “to uplift and advocate for black disabled lives”. Connect with the Black Disability Collective on Twitter and Instagram as they elevate their stories and those of the Black disability community. 

Divas with Disabilities

The Divas with Disabilities Project is a non-profit organization that is “reshaping what disability looks like for Black and Brown women and girls with physical disabilities”. DWD is committed to creating a pool of resources, opportunities, and community for their target audience. Learn more about their work on DWD’s website and be sure to follow them on Twitter for the latest organization’s latest news. 

Ola Ojewumi

Ola Ojewumi is a disability rights activist, and a heart + kidney transplant & cancer survivor. Ojewumi has served as a commentator on various news channels, in addition to writing for HuffPost , Glamour, and Jopwell. You can follow her on Twitter @Olas_Truth and visit www.olaojewumi.com to learn more about Ojewmi’s journey and her professional services. 

Imani Barbarin

Imani_Barbarin shares her experience as a Black woman with Cerebral Palsy on social media, bringing awareness to the inequities individuals experience in day to day life. Barbarin provides discourse on topics such as COVID, ableism, and wage compensation. Visit her website www.crutchesandspice.com

  • Illustration of various shades of brown silhouettes. "Honoring the legacy, contributions, and history of Black culture in American history." in white text.
  • Black fist on pink background. "To be pro neurodiversity is to be anti racist" in black letters.
  • DWD in red, The Divas with Disabilities project in white on a black background.
  • Black woman with long black hair, sitting in wheel chair with a laptop her on her legs.
  • Black woman standing in clothing store, trying on blue classes.