Feb 07

Black History Month – Renaldo Fowler

Throughout the month of February, the Center for Learner Equity will honor Black History Month by highlighting the contributions of Black people in disability rights and inclusion. This week we will spotlight Renaldo Fowler.

Renaldo Fowler is the Senior Staff Advocate with the Arizona Center for Disability Law, a nonprofit public interest law firm, committed to protecting the rights of individuals with various  physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory and cognitive disabilities. Throughout his career, Renaldo has facilitated trainings regarding special education and positive behavior supports relating to restraint and seclusion in schools. Fowler is also the co-creator of the African American Conference on Disabilities, the only conference in the United States that addressed the intersectionality of disabilities and race. To learn more about Fowler’s work with Arizona Center for Disability Law and this year’s African American Conference on Disabilities, click here

Photo of Renaldo Fowler

Photo of Renaldo Fowler

Photo Credit: Arizona Capitol Times