Dec 22

Enabling Meaningful Inclusion: Lessons from School Leaders

In partnership with the Educating All Learners Alliance and the Canopy Project, CLE identified and interviewed school leaders who found innovative ways to provide meaningful inclusion for students with disabilities. This brief shares lessons from school leaders committed to ensuring that students with disabilities are meaningfully included and flourishing in their schools. CLE interviewed leaders from 12 schools, districts, or charter networks of varying sizes, geographies, and levels. In spite of their differences, the school leaders agreed on seven common themes for what enables them to work toward and implement meaningful inclusion. These factors include:
1. Leadership knowledge and conviction for educational equity
2. Equity-centered mission and values
3. Collaboration that cultivates collective responsibility
4. Ongoing professional learning of evidence-based practices that benefit all learners
5. Community-informed continuous improvement
6. External partnerships that extend capacity for meaningful inclusion
7. Additional funding used to support best practices for inclusive education

Access the full report here.