Mar 15

Lauren Morando Rhim Quoted in K-12 Dive

African-American girl wearing a white shirt and blue headphones. Taking notes while sitting at a laptop.
fizkes via Getty Images

The Center for Learner Equity’s Executive Director, Lauren Morando Rhim was quoted in K-12 Dive on March 15, 2022. The article, “GAO recommends minimizing virtual charter schools’ management risks” explores the increased virtual charter enrollment. K-12 Dive also cites CLE’s resource for providing special education services in remote settings. Morando Rhim had this to say about whether a charter school management company is non- or for-profit:

“Philosophically, I have no opposition, but when their performance is terrible, it’s a problem. I do think that states should be regulating it and I think it’s a red herring to focus on the profit. I think what they should be focusing on are the outcomes.”

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