Dec 18
Chalkboard Rules

Statement Regarding the School Safety Commission’s Report and Recommendations

Today, in response to the release of the Federal Commission on School Safety report and its recommendations, Lauren Morando Rhim, executive director for The Center for Learner Equity (The Center for Learner Equity) issued the following statement:

“The Commission’s findings and recommendations represent a significant step backwards for students with disabilities and students of color especially in light of the recommendation to rescind the 2014 Discipline Guidance which includes accompanying research-based tools and resources. It is truly confounding that on one hand the Commission embraced successful school-wide programs such as Positive Behavior Intervention and Support while simultaneously slapping down the very guidance that has helped schools and districts implement such effective programs. The selectivity used to pick through the research and best practices demonstrates the Commission’s willingness to actively sacrifice the educational welfare of our most vulnerable children, which disproportionately impacts students with disabilities and students of color. Sacrificing the educational welfare of some children to achieve the academic progress of others is the wrong paradigm: the academic success of all children should be our national, educational priority. The Center for Learner Equity urges Secretary DeVos to maintain the Discipline Guidance because students with disabilities and students of color deserve more.”