Jan 31

Newark’s Charter Schools Are Succeeding. So, Why Isn’t the City’s Superintendent Supporting Them?

On January 31, 2020, Paul O’Neill wrote an op-ed in the New Jersey Star-Ledger arguing that, given the ongoing success of charter schools in Newark, the city’s superintendent should work to bridge the walls between charter and traditional public schools, rather than creating conflict between them.

Almost six years ago, I co- founded a non-profit organization called The Center for Learner Equity to help families who want to exercise the same sorts of school choice opportunities for their kids with disabilities as are available to other children. Since most charter schools are independent public schools that operate outside of district control, we found that there were few coordinated efforts in the charter sector to ensure access, equity and strong academic outcomes for kids with disabilities. Across the country charter schools, authorizers and other stakeholders are communicating and collaborating, and sharing best practices, but there is still a lot more collaboration to do.

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