Mar 07

How School Culture and Support Systems Can Improve Disciplinary Outcomes for Students with Disabilities: Mott Haven Academy Charter School Case Study

Mott Haven Academy Charter School Case Study

In an effort to document and promote school models and practices that effectively serve students with disabilities in charter schools, the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) asked National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools to conduct two case studies about exemplary schools that respectively leverage available opportunities and mitigate challenges.

This case study examines Mott Haven Academy Charter School in New York City and how its positive school culture and behavior support systems improve disciplinary outcomes for students with disabilities. The other case study, How Personalized Learning Models Can Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities, highlights Thrive Public Schools in San Diego and how its personalized learning model especially benefits students with disabilities and meets their specific needs. Together, these case studies provide examples of models and practices that other public schools—both charter and traditional—can implement to create programs where all students succeed, including those with disabilities.

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