Apr 15

Playing the Special Education Card

The recent New York state budget may have largely settled the tug of war between Mayor de Blasio and co-locating charter schools that has been playing out in New York over the last month or so, but an unpleasant and lingering issue still needs to be addressed – the disingenuous way that students with disabilities were dragged into the fight.

Apr 10

New York Times Editorial Confuses Rather Than Clarifies

We commend Andrea Gabor for raising an important issue: children with disabilities’ equal access to charter schools. As New York and other states work to grow the charter sector as part of larger education reform efforts focused on improving the quality of public education, we must ensure that charter schools are open to all students.

Apr 07

Comments RE: Charter School Authorizer Annual Update

We recently launched a new non-profit organization, The Center for Learner Equity, to focus squarely on identifying facts about how students with disabilities are and are not being well served in the charter sector.

Mar 31
Mar 12
Feb 17
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The Tail and the Donkey

There is an important issue impacting kids with disabilities in charter schools lurking in paragraph 4, below. With a teaser like that, hopefully you will make it through some background.

Jan 31
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NEW Federal Charter Schools Program Non-Reg. Guidance: Caution Required

The U.S. Department of Education has released new non-regulatory guidance regarding weighted charter school lotteries. In a nutshell, the new guidance is less a significant policy change than an expanded interpretation of existing policy regarding practices that are permissible by charter schools that seek to secure CSP grants fund.

Jan 21

Research Critical to Informed Policy Making

Two recent analyses of New York City charter schools include data regarding the enrollment and mobility of students with disabilities. While many questions remain, the two reports are examples of the type of research essential to having informed policy discussions regarding how to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to charter schools.

Jan 14
Jan 06

Happy New Year from The Center for Learner Equity

I once made a New Year’s resolution to eat pizza only once a month and to jog out in the cold late in the evenings 3 days per week, despite the winter weather in New Jersey. Neither got much traction.  This year, my New Year’s resolution is to post regular blog entries on this site.