Feb 28

The Center’s Statement on Devos’ Proposed Education Tax Credit

Today, Secretary of Education Betsy Devos and other lawmakers proposed a tax credit for donations to private school scholarships and other school choice initiatives. In response, Lauren Morando Rhim, executive director for The Center for Learner Equity (the Center) issued the following statement:

“All school choice options must embrace the responsibilities that accompany public dollars. These responsibilities are grounded in our nation’s commitment to civil rights via ADA, IDEA, and Section 504. The Center and its Equity Coalition members developed the Principles of Equitable Schools to establish a standard of equity intended to guide policy makers, legislators, and advocates and to help parents weigh their options when choosing a school. These principles should be upheld by any school enrolling students using public dollars. Upholding the Principles ensures equity and compliance with our nation’s civil rights laws.”