Feb 24

Lauren Morando Rhim Quoted in K-12 Dive

A report released on February 21st by the GAO (Government Accountability office) found that public charter schools receiving federal grants displayed a higher student growth enrollment compared to charter schools that did not. The GAO established that enrollment in grant funded charter schools rose from 213,576 to 1.4 million students between 2006-2007 and 2020-2021 school years, also noting that these school still enrolled smaller percentages of students with disabilities compared to traditional public schools. K12 Dive asked CLE executive director, Lauren Morando Rhim to weigh in on these findings:

“I think that the greatest thing charters could do is to be more intentional about developing programs, instructional programs and supports for kids with disabilities and making sure that parents are aware of them. I would love to see CSP and all conversations around CSP to be much more focused on more high-quality seats rather than just more seats.”
Lauren Morando Rhim

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