Sep 16

Lauren Morando Rhim Quoted in The 74 Regarding the Shortage of Special Education Teachers

Blank Teacher Graphic
Eamonn Fitzmaurice and Meghan Gallagher/The 74

On September 15, 2022, The 74 published “Yes, There’s a Shortage of Special Education Teachers. And That’s Nothing New.”, exploring the need for special education teachers and tactics school districts are employing to attract candidates. CLE executive director, Lauren Morando Rhim weighed in on how school districts view special education:

“It’s a part of a continuum of special education being treated as secondary. All teachers work hard, but absent a sense of being part of a community, or considered central to the community, the paperwork burden and the challenges of their job just make it unfulfilling and unsustainable to teach special ed.”

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