May 01

Lauren Morando Rhim Quoted in Youth Today

CLE’s executive director, Lauren Morando Rhim spoke with Youth Today about the increasing popularity of microschools and how they service students with disabilities. On April 25th, Youth Today published “Tiny schools, big money: Microschools are increasingly popular among some families of children with disabilities”, exploring how these smaller classrooms may be a better fit than traditional public schools for students with anxiety, ADHD, or autism. Youth Today provides an overview of what microschools offer, their regulations, and the experiences of parents with children attending microschools. Rhim expressed her concerns regarding the accessibility to services for students with disabilities:

“The microschool is most likely in a position to say, ‘Here are services we offer. If your child fits in, then we’d love to have your child. But if your child doesn’t fit in, then your child can’t come.”
Lauren Morando RhimCenter for Learner Equity

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