May 07

Building Capacity to Provide Quality Special Education Services and Supports

A Toolkit of Emerging Best Practices and Opportunities for Charter Support Organizations

Approximately 6.4 million students—roughly 13 percent of the student population between ages 6–21—receive special education and related services in public schools every year.1 While students identified as eligible for special education require supports and services to help them succeed academically, the great majority are able to achieve the same academic outcomes as their peers without disabilities.2 An estimated 300,000, or just under 11% of the total population of students enrolled in charter schools, receive special education supports.3 It is critical, therefore, to examine the degree to which charter schools are meeting the needs of students with special educational needs. To meet our ambitious goals for the sector, charter leaders must dedicate themselves to creating excellent opportunities for students both with and without disabilities. Charter support organizations (CSOs) can play an important role in creating these conditions for success. This toolkit is designed to support CSOs in assisting charter schools to successfully educate students with disabilities.

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