Dec 21

It Is Time to Unearth and Stop Subterranean Discipline and Exclusion

The circumstances are sobering and unacceptable: Students are being suspended and expelled from American public schools at an alarming rate. Even worse, students with specific profiles are consistently and disparately subjected to exclusionary discipline in much higher numbers. CLE’s Paul O’Neil explores the nuances of informal discipline in today’s schools.  Read Subterranean Discipline Brief HERE

Nov 22
Nov 14

CLE Receives $3.5 million a Donation from MacKenzie Scott

The Center for Learner Equity (CLE), a national organization dedicated to ensuring students with disabilities thrive, is pleased to announce a charitable gift of $3.5 million from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. This donation will accelerate CLE’s initiatives to eradicate the complex, pervasive, and systematic barriers that prevent students with disabilities from accessing educational opportunities, quality support, and inclusive environments.

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