Jun 25

Blackness, Disability, and Policing in American Schools

On June 24, RealClear Education published an op-ed by the Center’s Specialist, Simone Hall, on the intersection of Blackness, disability, and policing in the public education system. 

Here we are again.

More than three weeks after the murder of George Floyd and three months after the murder of Breonna Taylor, we are again left to reflect on the brutal legacy of police violence in this country. Some are affected by what they’ve seen. Others are indifferent. As a Black woman, it revives feelings of anger and grief I’ve felt repeatedly—after the lives of Korryn Gaines, Atatiana Jefferson, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tony McDade, and so many others were taken by those who swore to protect and serve.

George and Breonna offered the ghastly reminder that the world could have been mourning my father, my mother, my godbrothers, my sisters.

The world could have been mourning me.

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